DRaaS – Backup and Disaster Recovery: REBOOTED

Powered by Zenith BDR-G14

Your IT infrastructure is the lifeblood of your business...every minute you can’t access your systems and data, you’re losing money. From a tornado or server meltdown to burst pipes or accidentally pressing delete, data loss can happen at any time for any reason. Are you prepared?

G14 Diagram 
BDR-G14 Feature Set
  • Protect Windows® servers, thru Server 2012
  • Automated block-level backups every 15 minutes
  • Onsite storage capacity of 2, 3, 4 or 9 TB
  • Secure offsite storage without per-GB pricing
  • Offsite replication for multiple onsite G14s per Vault
  • Easy image-based file or folder restores
  • Remote and local failover server virtualization
  • Live Bare Metal Restore to dissimilar hardware
  • Software, server and disaster testing
  • 256-bit AES encryption at rest and in transit
  • Centralized reporting and alerting
Zenith’s DRaaS provides
  • Consultation on your sizing and budget requirements
  • Choice of onsite appliances tailored to your needs
  • Offsite replication with up to 10 TB storage. Multiple appliances replicate to one Vault, with no per-GB pricing. Need more than 10 TB? Get another Vault!
  • Local or remote backup, recovery, emergency virtualization and server restoration
  • Ongoing support from deployment to recovery
  • Low monthly pricing to avoid large upfront investments
  • Flexible solution that can change with your business